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The Evolution of Signet Rings

Let’s dive into why wearing modern pinky and signet rings is all about expressing your own unique style and flare! These tiny treasures are no longer just about status and wealth, they now have greater meaning - celebrating personal stories and embracing funky designs, bringing a splash of fun to your fingers. 

Historically signet rings were a mark of prestige, deep seal engraved with the family crest. There is something very beautiful about the traditional signet ring, they really are quite a piece, which is why they’ve continued to evolve in the world of jewellery. Here is a stunning solid 18ct yellow gold traditional signet ring I made at the end of last year.

In the last few years modern style signets have had an uprise in popularity and have been spotted on many celebrities, the most recent being Leo Woodall in Netflix’s One Day. Gwyneth Paltrow and Rhianna are also known to love a pinky ring. Rhianna very glamorously wore a 9 carat pear diamond ring on her toe earlier in the year too!

This has been really exciting to see as a jewellery designer, I think for women to wear them is a form of empowerment and jewellery that is their choice, it has been described as a symbol of inner strength and independence. The ones I have made for female customers in the last year have all had a personal meaning to them and have been bought for themselves to wear, which has been such a joy to empower women to express themselves through their own style.

Recently and on a more personal level I have made three signet style Celtic knot bands for my sisters as a request to be my bridesmaids next year. The rings are inspired by a band similar which has been in my family for generations. The Celtic knot band represents the journey of life and eternal love. As this ring symbolises life, friendship and love I thought this is a very apt gift for a bridesmaid.

As a fine jewellery designer it’s so exciting to see the evolution of the traditional signet ring into modern day jewellery. So whether you prefer more of a sleek minimalist look, bold chunky styles or intricate designs, let your pinky ring be a nod to your self expression. As you slip one on, remember that it’s not just an accessory but tells the world a story that’s uniquely yours. Happy styling! 

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