Beyond Tradition: Exploring the World of Colourful Engagement Rings

Beyond Tradition: Exploring the World of Colourful Engagement Rings

Over the last few years there’s been a huge increase in people looking for more alternative engagement rings, enter colourful engagement rings!

We know the timeless style of the beautiful diamond solitaire ring which came into popularity in the late 1800s is an eternal style and will keep its popularity until the end of time! 

However it isn't for everyone. More recently artisan designed engagement rings have become a lot more sought after. Brides and Grooms are keen to express their individuality by choosing a more unique engagement ring design whether that is vibrant and colourful diamonds, chunkier engagement ring bands or unique gemstone settings.

A diamond choice that has been incredibly popular when it comes to handmade bridal jewellery is the salt and pepper diamond. They are versatile and unique, coming in the most beautiful shapes. The darker ones have a fantastically dramatic black finish.

I was on the fence about them at first as a bridal jewellery designer, but having made multiple non-traditional engagement rings using salt and pepper diamonds, I have become slightly obsessed! So much so that I actually made myself a black diamond ring in silver as a present to myself. 

Another way to add a gorgeous and subtle element of colour to handmade bridal jewellery is by using a yellow diamond as the centre stone. It is bold and bright, while having the mesmerising sparkle of a white diamond.These are a firm favourite colourful engagement ring design here at Madeleine Holloway, they are classic with a delicate twist!

Of course, dark blue sapphires as a central stone are a stunning and popular choice when it comes to handmade bridal engagement rings, and have been since 1981 when Princess Diana became engaged with the incredibly iconic twelve carat Ceylon sapphire ring. The 12 white brilliant diamonds encasing the statement sapphire really show off the priceless stone.

Another fantastic idea to customise your colourful ring is by incorporating white diamonds alongside or around the coloured central stone. It is a glamorous and stylish way of adding extra sparkle to your ring!

One of my favourite handmade custom bridal rings I have designed and made was a divine dark blue sapphire and gold band. I set the oval stone horizontally with white diamonds either side. I thought this made a very individual and beautiful engagement ring.

I hope this has given you some exciting ideas and inspiration for what’s out there to find the perfect engagement ring for you! Have a look through my fine bridal jewellery collection or if you can’t quite find the right style, get in touch as I am more than happy to create a totally bespoke handmade engagement ring for you, that encapsulates your own personal style! 


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