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Yellow Sapphire Space Ring

Yellow Sapphire Space Ring

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A stunning and bold 18ct gold engagement ring with a beautiful yellow sapphire at its centre. The deep yellow of the stone and light yellow of the gold create a bright and enigmatic contrast. The band is white gold.

This ring design was inspired by Madeleine's love for gold. As a goldsmith she adores the metals she works with as much as she does diamonds and gemstones. The Yellow Sapphire Space ring is visually 50/50, with both the striking sapphire and beautifully designed yellow gold dome taking centre stage.


The yellow sapphire is just over 1ct at approximately 6mm. 

The total size of the gold and sapphire central piece is approximately 12mm x 7mm deep.

The band is 2-2.5mm thick.

The ring is 18ct gold, the band is white and the centre piece is yellow.

Handmade by Madeleine, hallmarked in Edinburgh.

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